A new scientific study confirms that the whale ecosystem is able to absorb 40% of the CO2 from around the world. 

The climate change, as an effect of the greenhouse effect, could be reduced considerably thanks to the global increase of these cetaceans. 
Marine biologists have recently discovered that whales amass CO2 in their bodies during their long life, even when they die and they sink to the bottom of the ocean.
These animals are even more efficient then trees, because while trees can absorb around 21kg of CO2 in 1 year, the whales can absorb around 33 tons.
About 10 years ago a research team, “Australian Antarctic Division” discovered that there was phytoplankton in whale faeces, these are organisms that can reduce the pollution of the oceans.
The whales transport these organisms from the seabed of the ocean to the surface
They are rich in iron and nitrogen, which are effective at catching CO2.
So, 1% of this plankton is equivalent to around 2 billion adult trees.
Protecting and increasing the number of whales would therefore be the most effective way to reduce global warming and above all it would be the least expensive.

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