Air pollution is the biggest threat to the european and global environment and one of the five main risk factors for non-communicable and chronic diseases.

Air pollution from wood burning had returned to cities. Biomass energy schemes were funding new wood burners in schools and offices and wood was being burned  in stations too, but the extra air pollution in the cities was coming from homes. The biomass subsidies to reduce climate emissions can lead to increased acceptability and popularity of home wood burning in stoves and fireplaces too.
By 2018, it was responsible for nearly half the emissions across Europe.

An Australian study has calculated the health cost of home wood burning. It took place in Armidale, a city of about 25,000 people, midway between Sydney and Brisbane. Frosty nights of this city are frequently polluted by the 40% of homes that use wood heaters.
The air pollution from wood heating was responsible for up to 14 early deaths each year.

It’s necessary to stop burning the wood works for health.


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