Last September 22, in the keynote held by Elon Musk, Tesla presented interesting news on the batteries that will be adopted by the electric cars of the future, in particular we are talking about 2022.

Having made its «gigafactories» famous, factories capable of producing a large quantity of batteries, Tesla is ready for the next step. He announced his intention to produce in terawatt hour. Musk explained that to do this it is necessary to optimize the current production lines to the maximum. Tesla has studied a new type of cell to store energy in batteries called 4680 (46mm in diameter, 80mm in height), larger than the current 2170. This brings 5 ​​times more energy, 6 times more power and 16% more autonomy.

They then modified all the steps necessary to prepare the «foils» that make up the cell, eliminating the steps with liquid solvents, replacing them with solid material. This, combined with a new line of machinery, would lead to a production 7 times higher than the current one.

We are talking about 2022 for the selling, but new batteries are already in production in the secondary plants.

The goal of Tesla engineers is to reduce production costs, optimizing production and making the most of the raw materials already available. This will lead to an increasingly widespread electrification of cars and a reduction in the purchase prices of electric cars. 


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