Improve nutrition to improve environmental sustainability. This is what is proposed by Eating Better, an alliance of over 60 civil society organizations working together to catalyze the changes towards healthy and sustainable food and agriculture. The association presented to the British government a proposal for a national strategic plan with a roadmap aimed at preparing people to make healthier and more sustainable food choices. 
The basic principle is the reduction of meat and dairy products and the search for higher quality, in line with the “Farm to Fork” plan launched by the European Commission and which provides for a 50% reduction of these products, allowing a reduction in gas emissions greenhouse of 25-40%, of nitrogen pollution of 40% and would use 23% less of cultivated land for the production of food per person. 
Rebalance agricultural policy towards plant production and better meat and dairy, encouraging agroecology, agroforestry and mixed farming approaches, driving a transition to better livestock farming and moving away from intensive, unsustainable modes of production for plant and animal foods. 
At the same time, an increase in information is needed, addressing all those farms that supply public goods along with food products, such as high nature value agriculture, the improvement of the welfare of farm animals, the reduction of soy addiction and grain for animal feed and better soil quality
Elena Salazar, Campaigns Manager at Eating Better, said: «We have mapped a way forward that has broad support in our “Better by half: A roadmap to less and better meat and dairy”, with 24 levers for government, food service, retailers, food producers and investors to drive progress. It presents a framework for policy makers to normalise sustainable diets, with tools ranging from harnessing public procurement and land use policy to requiring retailers to label origin and method of production for all meat and dairy and making vegetables and ‘better’ meat affordable. It also provides examples of best practice already happening».
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