Energy efficiency in consumption management is a fundamental starting point in the struggle to safeguard our planet. Also cities need to transform themselves to optimize results

On college, architects spending considerable time and energy looking at the relationship between new structures and the environment in which they’re built. Future are sustainable and energy efficient buildings, in both the way they’re constructed and the materials used, and in how they’re maintained longer term. 

New buildings and other structures can also be beneficial to the natural surroundings and human health. The new structures must in fact include an efficient use of resources such as energy and water, reducing waste and pollution produced during and after construction and protecting the health of people living in or near the structure. 

What are the advantages? Better air quality within the building, and healthier working environments. By using more natural light, maximizing fenestration, and improving air circulation in their building designs, architects are not only designing buildings that are more environmentally sound but are also making it better for the people living and working in or near them. In this way, work and profit will also be optimized. 

What is green architecture made up of? Ad example using external wall and roofs to create green spaces. Protecting homes by covering them with earth so they’re protected from the elements not only preserves the buildings but provides highly effective insulation that reduces or even removes the need for energy-consuming central heating. 

Why is it so necessary today? Architecture can become an even more powerful influence for good on the environment. There’s no value in sticking with old, outdated architectural design when the problems of climate change, energy insecurity, and population growth are becoming the main drivers for change.
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