The Clean Hydrogen Partnership is a key to advancing Europe’s energy transition.

Clean hydrogen technologies can help achieve an inexhaustible, sustainable energy supply with next to no emissions. The goal is to immediately reduce carbon dioxide and combat climate change.

We stand at a turning point for clean hydrogen’s development. With unprecedented political and business buy-in, and technology driving down costs towards commercial viability, it is critical that the studies continue.

The Partnership has been set up to advance the technology and facilitate its penetration across industries. A public-private partnership composed of the European Commission, Hydrogen Europe, and Hydrogen Europe Research that continues more than a decade of successful research and innovation.

The European Commission (EC) released its Fit for 55 package, which sets a legally binding target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in the EU by at least 55 percent by 2030. And a goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 was adopted under the European Green Deal. This is the ambitious legislation of Europe to urgently tackle climate change and environmental degradation.

European Commission published a Hydrogen Strategy in mid-2020. This Strategy for a Climate Neutral Europe defines a roadmap for the implementation of this technology and highlights its potential for economic growth and job creation. Furthermore, the EU is investing € 1 billion in this partnership to accelerate breakthroughs in clean hydrogen technologies.

The technology is already here, but it’s important that it becomes more performant, more accessible and that industry, government, and, in particular, the general public understand how it can benefit them, their communities, and the environment.

The partnership works with international and European stakeholders to accelerate the market entry of companies with innovative solutions in hydrogen technologies. It will also promote innovation by stimulating research and sharing expertise and data so that all actors can work with the latest knowledge.

In Europe, Clean Hydrogen is already used in steelmaking or refineries. The amount of emissions from these two sectors alone significantly reduces the region’s carbon footprint. For this, it is necessary to continue on this path.

Clean Hydrogen is a winning solution: as a source of clean and renewable energy capable of powering our society. It can tackle the climate emergency and provide green jobs.

The more this sector gains importance in the energy transition, the more the Clean Hydrogen Partnership will play an important role in promoting these technologies and realizing their potential.


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